Questions & Answers

Should you still have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone.

Who's allowed to drive the campervans?

You have to be at least 19 years old and in possession of a EU driving license class B or equivalent for one year or more.

How many kilometres can I drive with my van?

250 kilometres per day are included. The sum refers to the whole time of your rental; it doesn’t make a difference whether you spread those kilometres over the length of lease or not. Any additional kilometres will be charged at 0,20 €. Keep this in mind when planning your trip. We don’t want you to spend to much time in the car while the best parts of your road trip fall by the wayside.

How do I book?

Just go to ENQUIRY in the main menu , fill out the form and click on REQUEST A CAMPER. When using the delivery service, make sure you click CALCULATE before proceeding. You’ll get a copy of the enquiry sent to your e-mail address. Check your spam folder. We will answer with an individual quote once we’ve processed your enquiry.

What is the service fee?

The service fee involves the preparation of the vans including cleaning and briefing. It is a one-off expense of 39 € but it’s being omitted when you book 10 days or more.

Are there seasonal prices or discounts?

June, July and August are within our main season. Therefore we charge an extra 10 € per night. If you book your van for a long period it is always possible to talk about discounts; we will then decide on an individual basis how much we can comply with your request.

What's the minimum rental period?

Four days. This allows even weekend trips or festival visits.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is 500 €. It has to be paid cash at the time of your briefing. If you return the van properly, we’ll return it immediately.

How am I insured?

All vehicles are covered by a fully and partially comprehensive insurance. The excesses are 1000 € for the full and 500 € for the partial cover. The additional booking of SBplus for 5 € per day reduces these excesses to 500 € respectively 250 €.

How am I protected in the event of a breakdown?

In the event of a breakdown, you are backed by a Europe-wide roadside assistance.

How does the discount for roadside assistance work?

If you have your own roadside assistance which is valid for any vehicle you’re driving, we grant you a discount of 25 € per booking. In case of a breakdown you would have to use yours then instead of ours.

How many seats are registered?

We have vans with a maximum of two, three or five registered seats. Ask for their availability.

What is the delivery service?

You can pick up the van yourself or use our nationwide delivery service for 79 €/100 km.

What is the 3G Mobile Wifi?

You will get a device with a data SIM card you can easily connect to via Wifi. The SIM card includes a data volume of 1GB which is valid for four weeks by the day you leave.

What are the times for pick-ups and returns?

In general, you can pick up your van after 10 am and return it until 4 pm. Times might differ in special cases, but they will be talked about individually then.

Will there be a briefing prior to departure?

At the vehicle handover you will get a full briefing on the vehicle and all technical devices including their functions. It usually takes about 45 minutes; so consider this when scheduling your trip.

How are gas, water and fuel handled?

When picking up the campervan it is passed with full gas, water and fuel tanks. Of course there will be a detailed instruction as well. The vehicle must be returned with a full fuel tank. The supply of gas and water is included.

Do I have to clean the campervan in the end?

Yes. The van should be in the same condition as it was when you picked it up. This only affects the internal cleaning and inventory. Therefore, we don’t charge any cleaning fees. We will take care of the car wash and the cleaning of the linen.

How can I pay?

Currently, there are the possibilities of bank transfer, PayPal and paying cash. More options will follow.

Have I already reserved by asking for an offer?

No. All offers are without obligation. For a binding reservation you’ll have to pay at least 25 % of the total amount in advance and receive a written confirmation.

Can I bring a pet?

No. Out of consideration for allergy sufferers it is not permitted to transport pets at the time. However, we are planning to provide an extra van for these purposes in the medium term.

Where are you based

You’ll find our depot at Körnebachstraße 70 in 44143 Dortmund. If you’re keen you’re as well very welcome to come by just for a coffee to see what we’re doing. Just make sure to give us a heads-up. We might have an off-site appointment.